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Celebrated producer from Marseille honors the 10 remixers of his last album

Abstraxion Selects

5 months ago

Although still being young, Abstraxion, real name Harold Boué, is an experienced artist, having tour the world as a solo DJ and as a live audio and video opening act for DARKSIDE. He has also been running the bi-monthly LAB parties in his native city of Marseille since 2014.

Spontaneity being key of his creative process, he built himself an analog studio in Marseille where he can compose with all of his instruments, resulting in his very distinctive music, both explorative and organic.

For this playlist, Abstraxion offers us a selection of tracks that inspired him while writing the album and selecting remixers for it. 

Here he gives us some insight about a selected few: 

John Talabot - Destiny feat. Pional
"Meeting Uri (John Talabot) in Marseille was an important step in the process of my new album. We met when I invited him to play at the club night I organise and we exchanged a lot around music and ways of creating. Our conversations gave me new ideas and opened up new possibilities in my way of creating." For example I used a lot the ARP 2600 in my new album, and he used it also on his fIN LP. 

Caribou - Silver
"Dan Snaith is one of my favourite producers. I love his way of recording voices, composing melodies, and at the end that warm live feeling around his recordings. I’ve been following his work for a long time and I enjoy listening to his different LPs and projects. "

Tuff City Kids - PF03
"Tuff City Kids are opening the revisited version of my album, with an amazing remix of my track 'An Error Occured'. I've picked one track for each of the 10 remixers. I respect them and think that their work is a way to extend the concept of this album. "

Arthur Russell - Tone Bone Kone 
"I was around 9 years old when I heard Arthur Russell's music for the first time. It was my father who was playing his music - I understand now that his experimentation opened new possibilities in the creation process. I like the way he is processing his voice and playing with structures."

James Holden - 10101
From his album "The Idiots Are Winning". Nothing more to add.

Abstraxion: "A couple of years ago I produced my first album in memory of my father - and those were times during which I felt very different from the life I live today. So I wanted to express this different feeling on the new album. ’She Thought She Would Last Forever’ is more on the edge - talking about love and death - exploring the tension between expectation and reality. Also the way of creating sounds excited and inspired me in the studio in Marseille. 

Other than that I had a lot of images in mind that were connected to natural atmosphere where I’ve recorded a lot of sounds. Going from forests, to the sea and other bare landscapes. These are images that were reflected in the videos too so I hope to share a bit of the optimism around the album and that it’s easier to understand where it’s all coming from with this selection of tracks."


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