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A playlist compiled by Red Greg, Skymark, Ge-ology, Volcov, Patrick Gibin and ASE's Amila

Altered Soul Experiment Selects

5 months ago

Hailing from Paris via Berlin, Altered Soul Experiment is an imprint focused on proposing a physical format to DJ mixes. ASE kicked off last summer and has since released cassette mixes from Volcov, Red Greg, Skymark, Ge-ology, Marcellus Pittman and Patrick Gibin. The label’s principal aim is to offer a platform for artists to express their vision through 90 minutes of total musical freedom while bringing back the tangible sensation of holding the object in your hands is another of their concern.

Altered Soul Experiment curate a series of events at OHM Berlin with artists such as Ge-ology, Volcov, Sassy J, Alexander Nut, or Patrick Gibin. For each night, one selected artist is able to demonstrate his ability to purely express their influences, mood, thoughts and words into these intimate places. 

For 22tracks, they've curated a playlist with all the artists released on the label, each one them selecting three tracks from their ASE mixtape. Please listen to this selection by Red Greg, Skymark, Ge-ology, Volcov, Patrick Gibin and ASE's Amila.

Patrick Gibin curated the first three tracks. About 'What's your Fashion' he tells us: "I found out about this Tony Allen album quite recently during one of my regular visits at Luca Trevisi’s Hot Groovy Records joint (one of the hottest digging spots in Italy) and was completely blown away by this track… One of those instant classics for me, beyond genres and monikers. I could listen to this over and over again and never get tired of it: every new listen is a discovery".

Volcov chose the next three tunes and adds: "'She Just Don't Know' by Steve Arrington is a classic cut from the days we used to do our 'Garage Paradise' parties. My kind of song. Jeffrey Osborne's 'Don’t You Get So mad" is a super classic song that shows this selection isn't about being rare, but rather about fine songs. And finally TGB's "Do The Right Thing" is a very uplifting tune that I've also put on my compilation 'From The Archive'. Strong strong vocals."

Ge-ology explains his choice behind 'To Prove My Love': "Ned Doheny's story is a quite interesting one that I believe more people should read up on. A brilliant songwriter and musician. He's pinned some fantastic tunes over the years. But one of the most interesting stories is this one. To Prove My Love was released exclusively in Japan in 1979 on the LP 'Prone'. Ned had been dropped from the label after completing the album, so it was never released in the US or elsewhere outside of Nippon. But as fate would have it, in 1981, 'To Prove My Love' would later be released as a single in the UK... which is where things get interesting. Unlike the album version, this version was missing it's lead vocals: what is also known as a "TV track" (an instrumental backing track with chorus and ad-libs only; often used for television performances, etcetera when there's no live backup vocal or musical accompaniment). This version became a hit, and is now widely regarded as a jazz-funk classic! The lead vocal version of the song is much less known." Ge-ology also chose Jan Leslie Holmes and Herbie Hancock.

Red Greg picked Michael Henderson, Donny Hathaway and Ashford & Simpson. Do yourself a favor and stream Greg's Resident Advisor mix from last summer as well.

Skymark had to pick 'See For Yourself' by James Moore: "He's one of my favourite vocalists of all time with Donny Hathaway and Peabo Bryson. His powerful vocal abilities bring me automatically the wet and red eyes... This solar and blessed song was released in 1981 on the 'Brothers and Sisters, I Will Be Praying For You' album, an essential LP that also contains the deep song "Dear Jesus, I Love You". This is the kind of record that never leaves my bag... Rest in Peace Reverend James Moore and thank you for having made our world a better place…" Soul Liberation and Salt of the Earth were also added by Skymark.

Amila about 'What's In It For Me': "This extended 12” version of the Zalmac track has been on heavy rotation at our Altered Soul Experiment night. It’s a good indication of the music I usually play in the earlier part of the night and Zulema’s incredibly smooth voice makes it extra special. Very cheap recommendation too!"

The next ASE night in Berlin takes place on February 4 and features Amsterdam's own Antal.
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