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About fear of flying, rare record discoveries and weird DJ experiences

Bedtime Stories with citizenM: Detroit Swindle

6 months ago

In our Bedtime Stories we sit - or better lay - down with some of the hottest DJs in a cosy citizenM hotel bed to chat about music, travel and the transient home where they spend half their time: hotels. 

In episode three we're hanging out with one half of Detroit Swindle: Lars. The producer/DJ duo is touring the globe for years now. They run a label called Heist Recordings to release music by acts like Fouk, Nebraska, Max Graef, and their own music. Detroit Swindle has released music on renowned labels like Freerange, Future Classics, Kaoz Theory and many more. This includes notable remixes for Hercules and Love Affair, Chet Faker, Seven Davis Jr. and Romanthony’s track ‘Too Long’ produced by Daft Punk.

We're discussing fear of flying, rare record discoveries, airplane food and the weirdest DJ experiences.

"The owner of the club was giving a thumbs up or down with every track we played"

Produced by Rik De Bruycker
Picture: Ilja Meefout
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