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Premiering DJ Abstract's curated release

Red Bull Studios Mixtape Vol. 4

7 months ago


Exclusive beats by Jeftuz, L33 and Singularis

Red Bull Studios is gearing up a fourth mixtape to be released on November 3rd. The project features nine producers and is curated by Red Bull Thre3style winner DJ Abstract. The producer and DJ from Amsterdam used his Facebook page to reach out to upcoming beat makers.

The nine chosen producers hail from all corners of the Netherlands. We have the honor to bring you three exclusive premieres on 22tracks.

DJ Abstract: 'It's the first time I'm doing something like this. It's quite intimate to be with someone in the studio that you don't always know too well. So many good producers reached out, but I wanted them all to sound a bit different so my mix will be diverse enough.'

The full mixtape will be available for download on November 3rd and is powered by smartphone protective case brand Otterbox.

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