22tracks & Friends

Bitterzoet | May 9th


Thank you all so much for coming or watching the live stream last night! We had a blast! Video and photo's will be up soon!

On May 9th we were celebrating the fact that we're still here (stronger than ever) to provide you new music, the easy way! Our entire office got robbed two weeks ago. The most painful part: it appeared that we weren't insured for theft. Oops. But thanks to you, friends, listeners, artists, labels, we were able to get back up on our feet (and inside our empty office) pretty quick.

Above you were be able to view our live 22tracks & Friends celebration night in Amsterdam's Bitterzoet featuring an all-star lineup of the 22tracks DJ crew and special guests Jungle by Night, The Flexican and The PartySquad. To celebrate we're still going strong. We hope to see you at one of our events in Amsterdam, Brussels, London or Paris very soon.

If you're an avid listener of 22tracks and feel like supporting us with more than words, feel free to donate below. Every euro is a blessing and will get our HQ running smooth as ever again.

or make a bank transfer to IBAN: NL82RABO0154551880