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22 tunes that the producer listened to a lot while making ‘Glass’

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6 months ago

Ryan Hunn, also known as producer and DJ Illum Sphere, returns to Ninja Tune with his second full-length, ‘Glass', on November 4th.

‘Glass' follows 2014’s Ghosts of Then and Now as the producer’s second full-length effort, but sonically moves further in the direction hinted by his 'Spectre Vex' and 'Second Sight' 12”s and well-received mixes for fabriclive and Dekmantel. 

These 22 tunes were a big inspiration for the producer from Manchester:

Five standout tracks according to Illum Sphere:

Lucrecia Dalt - Esplendor 
"I stumbled across Lucrecia's music for the first time a couple of years back and was immediately blown away. She's such a great songwriter, instrumentalist, producer, vocalist... she can do it all. I listened to so much of her music during the time I was making the record, but Esplendor was probably the one on heaviest rotation."

Suicide - Harlem
"Still sounds like the future. Imagine hearing this in 1980...  I'd already finished the album when Alan Vega sadly passed away, but to be honest, I probably listen to this album once a week. "

Mariah - Shisen
"Gratefully reissued last year by Palto Flats (the original is mega rare), I kinda got obsessed with this record towards the back end of 2015. I went through a phase of listening to it every day. This one is one of the most beautiful moments on the album. "

Charles Manier - Shift Through Art Collecting People
"Originally on a Kode 12" from a few years back, this reappeared on the recent American Manier LP on Tadd Mullinix's own Bopside label. The first time I heard this record it fascinated me and it still does. Just an incredibly alien fusion of elements making up a tune that works at home in the background or loud in a sweaty basement."

David Bowie - Right
"Bowie dying felt so weird, so unexpected and so unlikely, I suppose. I revisited a lot of Bowie I'd not listened to for a while and it just reaffirmed his genius. I could have included so much Prince music too, but his passing came just as the album was in the finishing stages.

I started playing 'Right' out a lot more, usually last tune, and it seems to bring a genuine emotional response from people. Such an incredible record."

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