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A playlist inspired by journeys around Birmingham on night buses

Letherette Selects

5 months ago

Letherette's new record went live three weeks ago. Signature stuff from the British childhood friends Richard Roberts and Andy Harber. The tracks go from hip hop to house to classic 80’s inspired jams on 'Last Night On The Planet', which features Rejjie Snow and Stones Throw's Pyramid Vritra among others and was released by Ninja Tune.

Stream the album here:

Andy about the custom curated playlist: "I think what's changed most about me from the first album is location. Moving to Birmingham has been very inspiring. The landscape and what surrounds you has a big effect on what you feel and produce. Traveling around Birmingham usually involves night buses and I love this time to sit and listen to music on headphones. The 22 tracks I've picked are stuff I usually listen to on these journeys."

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