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Moiré's music choice if he would drive from planet to planet

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4 months ago

When London-based producer Moiré decided to call his second album No Future, he wasn't trying to make a political statement so much as state the obvious: If humanity keeps heading down the hateful path outlined by certain right-wing political figures and recent political events, we might as well hit the nearest self-destruct button.

We celebrate the album release with a personal selection from Moiré inspired by a novel he read recently by Phillip K. Dick - Martian Time-Slip - presenting the concept of a human colony on Mars mixed with themes of mental illness, physics of time and the dangers of centralized authority. The realities and problems presented in this novel connect with some of his thoughts that inspired the concepts behind No Future in terms of the direction the world is seemingly headed towards and attempts by humans to potentially colonize other planets in the near future.

This would be the music Moiré wants to hear in his car stereo while driving around some planet.

Moiré: ''I was trying to construct it like a fucked up score to a film version of Martian Time-Slip, if it was ever to be made. I have chosen music that has a certain drive, mystery and sonics about it. Something that will sound incredible in the middle of nowhere, blasted out via the raw system.''

No Future also captures a fading sense of what makes our cities so special—a celebration of art itself, something that's been threatened by the rising cost of real estate and the steady closure of major clubs like Fabric and Plastic People. That explains why a smoke-clearing song like "Lost You" is about more than just a mere relationship. It alludes to a complete lack of communication and the loss of, well, everything—our societies, our countries, our families, and our friends.

"It's weird," says Moiré. "It feels like everything is disappearing in front of us, almost like someone is pulling the carpet from beneath our feet, and we can't do anything about it. Things are changing so fast; I'm not sure we'll be able to catch up. In that way, the title of the album is very appropriate. I don't need to push it even. I mean, just look around." 

No Future is out on February 17. Hear the new single Jupiter:

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