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Techno fanatic shares his surprising picks

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7 months ago

Ever since he made the transition from rock and heavy metal to electronic music as a teenager, the Frankfurt-born artist has dedicated his life to the dance floor. His raw yet sleek take on techno and ambient has earned him a decent following and the reputation to use sounds as characteristic signal in his productions. Today he resides in Berlin where he threw himself head-first into making music, allowing creative ideas to flourish and cement themselves.

"These 22 tracks are representative of the music that I listen to at home and on tour and are even in the exact same order as I have them on my personal playlist.

This playlist starts with Recondite which is very melancholic and captivating.  It’s perfect to get the attention straightaway.  For the most part, the tracks include a lot of vocals and after a bit, transitioning into dubstep.  I’m a big fan of DBridge, Moderat and Funkstörung.  In between there is a track of SOHN that I only listen to in my private time.  At the very end you will find N.E.R.D and The XX.  I like to listen to these two tracks when I'm having a coffee in the morning or just want to chill out for a bit."

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