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From Hip Hop and P Funk to 60s hippy music and jungle: this inspired his self-released record

Red Rack'em Selects

3 months ago

Red Rack'em is a Scottish born but Berlin based producer/dj who is known for his house, techno and bass music. He's toured extensively for the last 7 years, performing DJ sets in Japan, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and many countries in Europe.

As a DJ, Rack'em aka Daniel Berman is known for his club rocking, genre busting eclectic sets and this diversity is reflected in his broad output as a producer. He makes cutting edge Detroit 2 step, wonky disco and cosmic boogie and glitchy hip hop as Red Rack’em. His work is respected by heroes such as Carl Craig, the Idjut Boys, the Rush Hour crew and Domu.

We asked him to showcase his musical inspiration: "I love so many different types of music and my love of variety and rich colours is a big influence on my new album 'Self Portrait'. From Sega to Hip Hop, Punk-Funk to P Funk, 60s hippy music and Jungle, it's all in there so I hope you enjoy this playlist of some of my most prized influences. Selected with love by Danny."

Stream the playlist and his latest album, released on his own Bergerac imprint, below.

(Picture by Daniele Colucciello)

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Red Rack'em & Mr Mendel @ Radion, Amsterdam (March 24)