Robeco SummerNights 2016 Homepage

The Kyteman Orchestra is collaborating with The Netherlands Radio Symphony Orchestra for the opening of Robeco SummerNights 2016: two months full of classical, jazz and pop in The Royal Concertgebouw. With his melting pot of styles Kyteman represents Concertgebouw's musical summer like no other. Enjoy his playlist.

Watch Kyteman at The Concertgebouw for free at Concertgebouw Live, July 1st 8.30 PM.
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More free curated music playlists from Amsterdam

  1. Kyteman - Sorry (Live in Tivoli)
  2. The Kyteman Orchestra - 7/8
  3. The Kyteman Orchestra - The Mushroom Cloud
  4. Kyteman - It Circus (Not) [feat. Unorthadox]
  5. Chet Baker & Dick Twardzik - Tommyhawk (Concertgebouw)
  6. The Kyteman Orchestra - Outro - Marching Band
  7. The Kyteman Orchestra - Day One
  8. Kronos Quartet - The Beatitudes
  9. Nederlands Blazers Ensemble - Si Dolce
  10. The Kyteman Orchestra - Preaching To the Choir
  11. Philharmonia Orchestra, Robert Craft & Simon Joly Chorale - Gurre-Lieder, Pt. III: Seht die Sonne
  12. Kyteman - No More Singing the Blues
  13. Christian Köhn & Silke-Thora Matthies - Waltzes (16) for Piano 4 hands, Op. 39: No. 3 (No. 11) in B minor 
  14. Kyteman - Une Seule Fois
  15. Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Brass & Ivan Meylemans - Shostakovich: The Gadfly Suite, Op. 97a: I. Overture
  16. The Kyteman Orchestra - Long Lost Friend
  17. Matthew Barley - Song Of The Birds (Catalan Folk Song)
  18. The Kyteman Orchestra - The Void
  19. Ian Parker, London Symphony Orchestra & Michael Francis - Ravel: Piano Concerto in G major: II. Adagio assai
  20. The Kyteman Orchestra - The Ballad
  21. John Adams - Adams: Two Fanfares for Orchestra: I. Tromba Lontana
  22. Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra & Jean Fournet - Debussy: Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune