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Starting out in a local bar in Utrecht, the Netherlands, SHMLSS quickly became the up-and-coming of Holland’s dance scene. Just before their big breakthrough they won a golden gnome for the best new talent. They fully lived up to that promise; playing at lot's of internationally recognized festivals and across Holland’s borders with their distinctive sound. At 22tracks SHMLSS will discover and display the borders of Disco music and give their view on the genre.

More free curated music playlists from Amsterdam

  1. Joe Claussel - The People Have Risen
  2. Matt Masters - 6 & 3 Twos
  3. Tim Zawada - Summertime (TZ Remix)
  4. Tempelhof - Barbados
  5. SHMLSS - Feelin' Good
  6. CHANNELXXX - How We Do In NYC (edit)
  7. Walter Jackson - Good To See You (Marvin & Guy edit)
  8. Sleazy McQueen - Let's Make Love Tonight
  9. GL - Won't You See (Gerd Janson dub)
  10. Moody - Freeki Mutha F cker
  11. Sascha Mamba - Santo Chrystal
  12. Mark E - Plastic People (MEdit)
  13. Sigward - MX86
  14. Frank Booker - Tell Them
  15. HNNY - Most Pretty Girls Have Ugly Feet
  16. Joakim - Bring Your Love (Young Marco Remix)
  17. Frico - Dazz
  18. Suzanne Kraft - Femme Cosmic
  19. SHMLSS - Disco Sensation
  20. Márcio Vermelho - Trouble in the streets
  21. Christian S - Do I Do (Christian S Sax Edit)
  22. Sergio Rizzolo - Subway at Night