Disco by SHMLSS Homepage

SHMLSS consists of Bart and Michiel, two city guys who connected with each other through the Disco sound they both love.
Their dj sets and productions are diverse and they developed a particular sound, resulting from the interesting mix of their personalities you can expect Disco cuts, Africa beats, Ambient stuff and Industrial House grooves. They serve disco minded music for open minded music people.

Besides collecting and playing records they're running a vinyl only label 'XXX' and are curating the Disco playlist at 22Tracks.

More free curated music playlists from Amsterdam

  1. Olivier Boogie - No Goodbye
  2. Archie Shepp - Mozambique (Untitled Mix 1)
  3. DJ Ground - Dolmenzoo
  4. Lindstrom - Ra-ako-st (Todd Terje Extended Mix)
  5. Azari & III - Manhooker (Instrumental Mix)
  6. Who's Who - Hypnodance (Long Version)
  7. Daniele Baldelli - Zircaloy
  8. Joutro Mundo - Directors Cut
  9. KZA - Open Up (Slow Version)
  10. Mandy Smith - I Just Cant Wait Cool Jazzy Breezy Balearic Mix
  11. Frico - Casanova
  12. Ryan R - Umqondo
  13. Miajica - Der Schlosser (Musk Remix)
  14. Disco Dub Band - Disco Dub Band - For the Love of Money (New Hard Left Mix - DJ Harvey)
  15. Miskotom - Qi Xin Mian Guan
  16. Candido - Jingo (Hober's space boogie version)
  17. Runaway - Brooklyn Club Jam
  18. DJ Steevo - Karioca (SHMLSS Remix)
  19. Uabos - Piano Fights
  20. DBFC - Autonomic (Mod Vision Mix)
  21. Timo Maas & James Teej - Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five
  22. Wally Badarou - One Day