Disco by SHMLSS Homepage

SHMLSS consists of Bart and Michiel, two young city guys who connected with each other through the Disco sound they both love. Always searching for those rare gems in dark, dusty old record stores, they often come home with the same records. Their dj sets are diverse and they have developed a particular sound. Resulting from the interesting mix of their personalities you can expect Disco cuts, Africa beats, Ambient stuff and industrial House grooves. Always carrying the latest (or oldest) vinyl’s, they always find a way to surprise the audience and themselves with quality disco minded music for open minded music people.
At 22tracks SHMLSS will discover and display the borders of Disco music and give their view on the genre.

More free curated music playlists from Amsterdam

  1. Superbreak - Let's Go All The Way (Edit)
  2. Mike Mandel - Jupiter Finger
  3. Snem & T2MM - Teach Me
  4. Olivier Boogie - Oh La La
  5. Soichi Terada - Sun Showered
  6. Usje Sukatma - Waiting For Your Love
  7. Daniele Baldelli - Mooneyes
  8. Tokyo Black Star - Violent Rush
  9. Aura - Freek 7
  10. Fantastic Man - St. Elmo's Theme
  11. Nick The Record / Dan Tyler - Yah Vol !
  12. Seamus Haji - Carribean Dance
  13. Ana Prentice - Life On Mars
  14. Lupe - Rock Spank Freak (ReLuped)
  15. Italo Brutalo - Spidor (Tronik Youth Mix)
  16. Jose Padilla - Afrikosa (Wolf Muller Mix)
  17. Hi Voltage - Somewhere Beyond
  18. Max Essa - Night Measure
  19. Heretic - Pollux (Andrew Weatherall Japanese Import Mix)
  20. Tantra - A Place Called Tarot (Idjut Boys Re-edit)
  21. Gilla - Help, Help (Long Version)
  22. Mim Suleiman - Mingi