Pop by Job de Wit Homepage

Job de Wit has been with 22tracks.com from the start, supplying you with the coolest new pop music. Job has worked as a (music) journalist and (radio) DJ since the mid-'90s. You can send him a message on Twitter, he might like to DJ at your party. Otherwise just yell at him when he bikes past you in Amsterdam. Job is also responsible for the music video of the week on the 22tracks Facebook page. Watch that, it's good.

More free curated music playlists from Amsterdam

  1. Young Galaxy - Ready to Shine
  2. Darkstar - Stoke the Fire
  3. Autre Ne Veut - World War Pt. 2
  4. Larry Gus - NP-Complete
  5. Oneohtrix Point Never - I Bite Through it
  6. Julia Holter - Lucette Stranded on the Island
  7. Nicolas Godin - Elfe Man
  8. Sexwitch - Ha Howa Ha Howa
  9. Belmer - Useful Idiot
  10. John Grant - Disappointing
  11. Deradoorian - Violet Minded
  12. NΩ Zu - Ui Yia Uia (Bonus Beat)
  13. Baio - Needs
  14. Darwin Deez - Last Cigarette
  15. Mild High Club - Undeniable
  16. Red Velvet - Dumb Dumb
  17. Girls' Generation - Paradise
  18. Petite Noir - Down
  19. Peaches - Dick in the Air
  20. Chromatics - Shadow
  21. Odesza - Light
  22. Beach House - Days of Candy