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Job de Wit has been with 22tracks.com from the start, supplying you with the coolest new pop music. Job has worked as a (music) journalist and (radio) DJ since the mid-'90s. You can send him a message on Twitter, he might like to DJ at your party. Otherwise just yell at him when he bikes past you in Amsterdam. Job is also responsible for the music video of the day on the 22tracks Facebook page. Watch that, it's good.

More free curated music playlists from Amsterdam

  1. Keljet x Ayer - If it's Not You
  2. Calvin Harris - Slow Acid
  3. New Build - Strange Network
  4. The 2 Bears - The Night is Young
  5. Museum Of Love - The Who's Who of Who Cares
  6. Kele - My Hotel Room
  7. Kindness - Who Do You Love?
  8. Philip Selway - Ghosts
  9. Zola Jesus - Dust
  10. Danny L Harle - In My Dreams
  11. Kinderen Voor Kinderen - Het Huis is van Ons
  12. Yelle - Coca Sans Bulles
  13. Peaking Lights - Telephone Call
  14. Faberyayo - Verdwijnen
  15. Caribou - Silver
  16. Sofie Winterson - c.e.g.e.c.
  17. Thom Yorke - Truth Ray
  18. Leonard Cohen - Slow
  19. Xinobi - Mom and Dad
  20. GFOTY - My Song
  21. The Juan MacLean - A Simple Design
  22. Woolfy Vs Projections - Ask