Techno by Carlos Valdes Homepage

Carlos Valdes has been at the heart of the Amsterdam scene for years, as a DJ, label boss and promoter. His DJ sets mix up everything from hypnotic techno to kicking house. He is well known for his classy and considered taste. Carlos is also a resident for LET, one of Amsterdams leading party organizations. Over the years he has played esteemed clubs like Panoramabar, Robert Johnson and Concrete, and festivals such as Awakenings and Nachtdigital. His gay night with Sandrien (…Is Burning) is buzzing as never before and his label released music by heroes like Axel Boman, Tom Trago and Awanto 3.

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  1. Aleksi Perälä - Y3
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  3. Karim Sahraoui - Prelude
  4. Peter van Hoesen - Quadra
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  6. Floorplan - The Heavens & The Earth
  7. Drafted - Frequency Graven
  8. Alderaan - New World
  9. Shlomo - Enter the Void
  10. Urbano - Protect the Revolution
  11. Knutsson & Berg - Dungeon Acid Alien Power Assemblage
  12. Richard Fearless - Overview Effect (Luke Hess Remix)
  13. Robert Hood - Lockers
  14. Developer - Muthafucka
  15. Shlømo - Titan
  16. CCO - Epicycles
  17. Bill Converse - Inward Fathoms
  18. Joey Anderson - Nabta Playa
  19. Population One - Temporary Insanity
  20. Architectural - 7.2
  21. Rod - Lego
  22. Tx Connect - Don't Freak