Techno by Carlos Valdes Homepage

Carlos Valdes has been at the heart of the Amsterdam scene for years as a DJ and label boss. His DJ sets mix up everything from hypnotic techno to kicking house. He was a TrouwAmsterdam resident and has played at esteemed German clubs like Panoramabar and Robert Johnson and festivals like Awakenings. His Studio Soulrock has been hosting festival stages for over a decade, his gay night with Sandrien (…Is Burning) is buzzing as never before and his label released music by heroes like Axel Boman, Tom Trago and Awanto 3.

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  1. J.C. - Exodus
  2. Deniro - The Penal Colony 1
  3. Titonton - Provocative Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff Re-Wire)
  4. Untidy - Manik
  5. Delta Funktionen - A Drone Killed my Bunny
  6. Jean Pierre Enfant - Echoes of You
  7. Xosar - Phasers of Eden
  8. Levon Vincent - Anti Corporate Music
  9. Binny - A Moment in Time (Circular Rhythms Mix)
  10. Steffi & Dexter - Rosser
  11. Exos - Spaelt
  12. Julien Aubert - Feelmar (Gaspard de La Montagne Remix)
  13. Peter van Hoesen - Shadow Ground
  14. Robin Kampschoer - Ultra Deep Field
  15. Will & Held - Ours (Trus'me Zonsondergang Mix)
  16. Kenny Larkin - -Q-
  17. Malin - Deorbital Descent (Yaleesa Hall Remix)
  18. Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff - Trica
  19. Marco Zenker - Splifer
  20. Stefan Vincent - I Would Give Anything to Feel Nothing
  21. Kenny Larkin - Track (Alternative Mix)
  22. Photonz - Gnosis of Wolfers