Tropical by Mr. Mendel Homepage

Mr. Mendel once started out as a hip-hop DJ, but his work at Waxwell Records then introduced him to soul, tropical and disco records. Afterwards he developed his all-round DJ’ing skills, collecting and spinning dance music from all corners of the globe with only one requirement: “it has to be soulful”. Always selecting intriguing tunes, Mr. Mendel knows how to rock a party with his soulful, upbeat, heartfelt musical extravaganza.

More free curated music playlists from Amsterdam

  1. Nico Gomez - Aquarela
  2. Elza Soares - Partido Do Le Le Le
  3. Dinalva - Reza Do Congo
  4. Fafa De Belem - Este Rio E Minha Rua
  5. Ary Lobo - Filho De Tupinamba
  6. Eliana Pittman - Segunda Feira Das Almas
  7. Wellborn - We Gonna Do It
  8. KG Band - Disco Train (Boogie Gentleman Edit)
  9. Brafa - Disco Train
  10. Segun Okeji - I Like Woman
  11. Gallowstreet Brass Band - Blue Monday
  12. Spooky & Sue - I've Got The Need
  13. Roland Brival - Creole Gypsy
  14. Tony Wilson - Can't Leave It Alone
  15. Witch - Come Together
  16. Blue Rhythm Combo - I'm Too Old (To Go Through Your Changes)
  17. Bayo Damazio - Listen To The Music
  18. Alwin Reingoud - Sweet Dream
  19. Amas - Slow Down
  20. Sumy - Where Were You Last Night
  21. Usje Sukatma - Waiting For Your Love
  22. Guardian Angel - Spirit