Tropical by Mr. Mendel Homepage

Mr. Mendel once started out as a hip-hop DJ, but his work at Waxwell Records then introduced him to soul, tropical and disco records. Afterwards he developed his all-round DJ’ing skills, collecting and spinning dance music from all corners of the globe with only one requirement: “it has to be soulful”. Always selecting intriguing tunes, Mr. Mendel knows how to rock a party with his soulful, upbeat, heartfelt musical extravaganza.

More free curated music playlists from Amsterdam

  1. Singing Diane - Music Is The World
  2. Basa Basa - African Soul Power
  3. Mr. Mendel - Who Do You Love
  4. Mr. Mendel - Mother's Day
  5. Casual-T - Hands Off
  6. Bebe Manga - Lokognolo
  7. Ronaldo Malta - Canto Nago
  8. Francisco Roque - Bate papo
  9. Samba 6 - Em Boca Fechada Nao Entra Mosca
  10. Thete Da Bahia - Foi O Gordo Sinha
  11. Joao Bosco - Escadas Da Penha
  12. Marisa Rossi - Deixa Eu Te Amar
  13. Tarantulas - Cilada
  14. John Gibbs & The US Steel Orchestra - J'Ouvert
  15. Rim & Kasa - Love Me For Real (Red Greg Edit)
  16. Benis Cletin - Money Make Man Mad (Sofrito Disco Dub)
  17. The Checkmates - Disco Groove
  18. J.M. Tim & Foty - Douala By Night
  19. Cerrone - Cycle's Woman
  20. Harry Mwale Experience - Doing up
  21. Dr Victor Olaiya - Omeleble
  22. Osibisa - Kotoku