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Onda Sonora has been promoting wayward (electronic) music in Brussels for years by means of parties, websites, radio shows and whatnot. Extra support for Belgian based artists is given through, which presents up-and-coming talent to a wider audience through the monthly Bedroom Beats sessions at Bonnefooi as well online as on stage. Expect their trademark the same mix of off-centre sounds with an emphasis on the locally produced, but open to all and everything. Do send us your beats!

More free curated music playlists from Brussels

  1. Chariot State - Ephemerist
  2. Kingstux - Drink
  3. Dijf Sanders - Snippets
  4. Liesa Van Der Aa - On The Heart I (Kassett Remix)
  5. Sokoto - M i d d l e m a n
  6. Frenquency - Soundbwoi Dead
  7. Wormfinger - Fl00t
  8. Gan Gah - Kasbah
  9. Meteor Musik - UF-FOE
  10. Day Fly - Strange Time
  11. Peter Clinton - Breath
  12. Noza & Sika - West Go
  13. Phasm - Cushion Of Veal
  14. Frenquency - In The Night
  15. Solo700 - The Other Side Of The Tape
  16. Morgan Abend - Colour
  17. Rolando Simmons - Deep Trail (Sk'p Remix)
  18. STUFF. - Pink Cloud (Internal Sun Remix)
  19. Yellowstraps x Le Motel - Hold Me Tight
  20. Sixfingerz - Break My Bags
  21. Strand - Ana And I
  22. Vanalles - C457