Beats by On-Point & Onda Sonora Homepage

Onda Sonora & On-Point have, each in their own way, been promoting wayward (electronic) music in Brussels for years by means of parties, websites, radio shows and whatnot. Extra support for the Belgian based artists they like is given through , a joint effort formerly known as RELEASE, which serves up-and-coming talent to a wider audience as well online as on stage. Expect the same mix of off-centre sounds with an emphasis on the locally produced but open to all and everything. Do send us your beats!

More free curated music playlists from Brussels

  1. Da Puta Madre / Smimooz - Trippin' Tranquilo
  2. Freddy Bracker - Focus Right
  3. Little Dragon - Pink Cloud (STUFF. Live Remix)
  4. DJ Mellow - A Slice Of Bass
  5. Baba Huru - Key Brothers (ShunGUxHuru)
  6. LTGL - Synchronized, Not Talking
  7. Empty Taxi - Bars In Ljubljana's Castle
  8. Sokoto - Hallenic Culture
  9. Hardis√łn - Sugar & Spice
  10. Lukid - The Brick Burner
  11. Roselien - I Wanna Be Someone
  12. Matt W Rose - SW
  13. Black Bird And A Haiku - Say My Name
  14. Max Le Daron - Sin Logba (Dub)
  15. ShunGu - All I Do
  16. Faisal - Fap Fap Fap
  17. Mo Kolours - You (Wailer)
  18. LTGL - Female Dog
  19. Ssaliva - Tromeo
  20. Leron Thomas - Ass Kickin'
  21. Beatronome - The Mute And The Crook
  22. Kypski - Headcrack