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Meet Olivier and Free. Olivier Biron succeeded in combining passion and work. With his agency This Side Up he is the press agent of smashing Belgian artists and music festivals. From his early steps as a trainee at Botanique till passionately doing promotion, his story has always been about music. As so for his colleague Free. Frequenting more concerts than he visits his parents, Free Anckaert is a Ghent based youngster who recently got to work as Social Media Manager at Pukkelpop. Previously he worked at Studio Brussel’s radio show Select and Lemaire Luistert and did an internship at the Ancienne Belgique. Free also got to pick tracks for Ghent’s finest radio station Together they will provide an interesting view on todays’ vivid belpop scene.

More free curated music playlists from Brussels

  1. RIVE - Vogue
  2. Valkø - Letters For A Rainy Day
  3. Hydrogen Sea - Beating Heart
  4. Arno - Je veux vivre
  5. Warhaus - Memory
  6. Va à la plage - La Nuit
  7. Joy As A Toy - Ghost Train
  8. Fou Detective - Les dents du bonheur
  9. Faon Faon - Eskimo
  10. Saule - Comme
  11. Moaning Cities - Insomnnia
  12. DVTCH NORRIS - Seeking Closure ft. Yann Gaudeuille
  13. Compact Disk Dummies - Girls Keep Drinking
  14. Nachtwinkel - Pt I (Gap Year)
  15. Gloria Boateng - Ego Trippers
  16. Coco Haram - I'll be in Ibiza Soon, Baby
  17. Bonzo - Change
  18. Hamza - Slowdown
  19. SKY H1 - Hybrid
  20. Echo Beatty - Soldier On Furlough
  21. Robbing Millions - Dreams Like Photographs
  22. Roméo Elvis - Bruxelles Arrive