Belpop by Olivier, Jan & Jimmy Homepage

Music journalist & writer Jan Delvaux and dj & producer Jimmy Dewit share their passion for homegrown music in Belpop Bonanza, a theatre tour focussing on the history of our Belgian music scene. For 22tracks they'll present you forgotten classics & new kids on the block. Olivier Biron succeeded in combining passion and work. With his agency, This Side Up, he is the press agent of smashing Belgian artists and music festivals. From his early steps as a trainee at Botanique till passionately doing promotion, the story has always been about music!

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  1. Ivan Tirtiaux - Charlatan
  2. Matthieu Thonon - Pas de chance
  3. Sarah Carlier - I'm yours
  4. Joy - Life
  5. Little X Monkeys - This Is The Right Day
  6. Big Bill - Sit On It
  7. Pas De Deux - Little Danny
  8. The Parking Meters - Ambigu
  9. Mumbai Science - Whistleblower
  10. Veronique Vincent & Aksak Maboul - Chez Les Aborigènes
  11. Netsky - Running Low
  12. Veence Hanao - Kick, Snare, Bien
  13. Clare Louise - My Heart
  14. Von Durden - Dead Queen
  15. Alaska Gold Rush - The Gallow Birds
  16. Tubelight - Suzy's Suicide
  17. Triggerfinger - Perfect Match (Compact Disk Dummies Rework)
  18. Dusaar X ZE! - Kom Mar Ip (Don't Be Shy) (Bobby Ewing remix)
  19. Chrome Brulée - 2074
  20. Telex - Haven't we met somewhere before?
  21. Admiral Freebee - Breaking Away
  22. YellowStraps - Landscapes