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Stijn has been draining sweat from Brussels' underbelly with the Holger parties. All together with his buddy Captain Starlight, Holger tends to rock to the beat in any possible way: be it on the dancefloor, be it at home with their new born record label. Stijn is a musical omnivore: he will serve you top shelf novelties ranging from disco excursions over analogue jams, reissues and anything that tickles their fancy really. Disco (not disco)!

More free curated music playlists from Brussels

  1. Montezumas Rache & Dominik Von Senger - Rheinhahren
  2. Powder - Afrorgan
  3. Escape From New York - Fire In My Heart
  4. Ben Houghton - Beta Blocker (Harvey Sutherland Remix)
  5. The Rising Storm - Frozen Laughter
  6. LL - Ombu (Disco mix)
  7. Philippe Chany - Cairo Connection
  8. Means Of Escape - Love Jam
  9. Fred Und Luna - Geh Nie Zurück
  10. Om Alec Khaoli - Enjoy It
  11. Bell Towers - Always Down For You
  12. Raf Daddy - By Your Side
  13. Albrecht LaBrooy - Hospital Road
  14. Cockring d'Amore - The Acrobat (Trent edit)
  15. Quando Quango - Rebel (Telephones re-edit)
  16. Sfire - Sfire 3E (Lauer remix)
  17. Jack Bruce - Make Love (Part II)
  18. Dan Lissvik - N.
  19. Plevna - Gazelei Spirit
  20. Imarhan - Imarhan (Moscoman remix)
  21. Cheri - Give It To Me Baby
  22. Rhythm Based Lovers - Number Games