Hiphop by Fullmix, Cracksoul & All Eyes On Hip hop Homepage

Hiphop gets curated by the most perfect team. In the middle: Cracksoul and Fullmix, for years now selecting on point music for their Brussels based radioshows and now also for On your left: Willem Vandesande, the initiator of 'All Eyes On Hip Hop', a Ghent based concept spreading the vibes of hiphop to their steady growing posse. On your right: DJ Azer, spreading the love in his weekly radioshow on and resident dj of All Eyes On Hip Hop for many years. The quatro Khalid, Soufiane, Willem and Azer will be your new weekly energizing cocktail of hiphop.

More free curated music playlists from Brussels

  1. J Dilla - Give Em What They Want
  2. The Roots - When The People Cheer
  3. Jonwayne - The Desert
  4. Smoke DZA - Fhvt BVsturd
  5. Dyemond Lewis - No Fucks Given (SD D)
  6. Rapsody - Murder By Numbers
  7. Stradivarius - Fond De Cale
  8. Fashawn - Champion
  9. Apollo Brown - The Answer
  10. DJ Stresh & 13K - Mon Disque Est Rayé
  11. Alex Wiley - Vibration
  12. N.E.M & Seven - Pas à pas
  13. De La Soul & J.Dilla - Marvin Jaye
  14. Vince Staples - Humble
  15. The Underachievers - Incadescent
  16. Chester Watson - Creed
  17. Brihang - Fruitig
  18. Jay Electronica - Better In Tune With The Infinite
  19. Ol Kainry Et Dany Dan - Deglingos
  20. Tchad Unpoe - Pandorama
  21. Sanzio Snz - Gratte Papier
  22. Deen Burbigo - Chillin