House by Kong & Gratts Homepage

Gratts and Kong are the driving forces behind the ensemble nights, podcasts, label and radio show (on FM Brussel) focusing on deep, timeless house music. Gratts (also one half of the infamous Het Collectief Deruyter and a part of the WPH family) and his bag of records, sometimes two, have been touring for almost fiteen years now. Kong is the chief of 22tracks Brussels, a regular at national radio Studio Brussel and a versatile dj. The two vinyl lovers can often be found behind the decks together.

More free curated music playlists from Brussels

  1. Harvey Sutherland - Q3 (12" mix)
  2. Jacob Korn - Eisladen
  3. Young Marco - Psychotic Patricles
  4. Floating Points - King Bromeliad
  5. Brooks Mosher - Coming Back (Kevin Reynolds remix)
  6. FCL - Can We Try
  7. Youandewan - FM Jam (Andrés Remix)
  8. Raw Sketches - Intiem
  9. Sisterhood - Doublespeak
  10. Smallpeople - Salad Kingdom
  11. Scott Grooves - Movin' On (Back To My Roots)
  12. Ben Sun - Remote Release
  13. Cola & Jimmu - I Give To You
  14. Lawrence Le Doux - Astre
  15. I Love You - We Will Bury Your Student Debt Beneath the Sands of an Australian Beach
  16. Aroma Pitch - Nodub
  17. Jitterbug - Surge
  18. Raw Sketches - Intiem (Sisterhood's Cloudy Interpretation)
  19. SDC - Monodynamic
  20. Lapien - Ballad of a Man
  21. 95 North - Who's Hoo
  22. Marcellus Pittman - Our Time Is Now