House by Kong & Gratts Homepage

Belgian DJs Kong & Gratts have been passionately spreading the real house sound for longer than anyone can remember, making them one of Belgium’s best kept underground secrets. Through curating their vinyl imprint ensemble, putting on club nights and releasing podcasts they’ve presented their finely crafted vinyl selections to crowds all over Europe, together or solo. Kong is the chief of the 22tracks Brussels platform and runs a weekly house music radio show on Belgium’s national radio Studio Brussel. Gratts runs the Beyond The Clouds club nights, plays gigs all over Europe and tries to squeeze in some studio time when he can.

More free curated music playlists from Brussels

  1. Dektro - De Flattekat
  2. Aardvarck - Hump
  3. Neblina - Walrus
  4. Christian Piers - The Kissing Of A God
  5. CVBox & Micha Freier - Playwatch
  6. Harry Baldi - Something For Your Mind
  7. Les Sins - Bother
  8. Tyson Ballard - Feel Like I Feel
  9. Ike Release - Fallen
  10. Dj Haus - Little Pieces
  11. RT Sound Factor - 7th Heaven (Tribute To The Energy Of Frankie Knuckles)
  12. Generation Next - Vanilla Sky
  13. Tornado Wallace - Soft Light
  14. Credit 00 - Korg tha Groove
  15. Johannes Albert - Wurk Me
  16. OL - Around
  17. MD - Chitroit
  18. Mr. Beatnick - Ice Cream Strut
  19. Takuya Matsumoto - EKR's Galactic Dance Part 1
  20. DJ Boom - Kinda Kickin'
  21. DJ Funk - Bitches!!!
  22. Innershades - From Behind