House by Kong & Gratts Homepage

Belgian DJs Kong & Gratts have been passionately spreading the real house sound for longer than anyone can remember, making them one of Belgium’s best kept underground secrets. Through curating their vinyl imprint ensemble, putting on club nights and releasing podcasts they’ve presented their finely crafted vinyl selections to crowds all over Europe, together or solo. Kong is the chief of the 22tracks Brussels platform and runs a weekly house music radio show on Belgium’s national radio Studio Brussel. Gratts runs the Beyond The Clouds club nights, plays gigs all over Europe and tries to squeeze in some studio time when he can.

More free curated music playlists from Brussels

  1. Snacks - Purdie
  2. Paradise's Deep Groove - Innermind
  3. Josh Tweek - Space Kitchen
  4. Rick Wade - Shinjuku Strut
  5. Andy Hart - Jasmine
  6. Nail - Lemon Gus
  7. Marquis Hawkes - Get Yo Ass Of My Grass
  8. Four Tet - Aerial
  9. Seven Davis Jr. - Friends
  10. Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts
  11. Ugly Drums - On The Run
  12. Harvey Sutherland - Q3 (12" mix)
  13. Jacob Korn - Eisladen
  14. Young Marco - Psychotic Patricles
  15. Floating Points - King Bromeliad
  16. Brooks Mosher - Coming Back (Kevin Reynolds remix)
  17. FCL - Can We Try
  18. Youandewan - FM Jam (Andrés Remix)
  19. Raw Sketches - Intiem
  20. Sisterhood - Doublespeak
  21. Smallpeople - Salad Kingdom
  22. Scott Grooves - Movin' On (Back To My Roots)