Originals by Onda Sonora Homepage

Having taken the scenic route through dance music and nightlife for the past 15 years, Onda Sonora has cultivated a style of their own made up out of the far from obvious and the wayward. They’ve been digging the crates from long before you could impress girls with that, always in search for music they haven’t heard before, not limiting their hunting grounds in any way. On this 22tracks Originals list they’ll uncover the building blocks of their heavyweight sound supreme which has slowly become a reference to all in Brussels and far beyond in search for something different.

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  1. Zion Train - Power One - Dub Power
  2. Gil Scott-Heron - Peace Go With You Brother
  3. De Brassers - Kontrole
  4. Lloyd Charmers - I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More
  5. Blaze - Time For Love
  6. Rae & Christian - Wake Up Everybody
  7. Cymande - Bra
  8. Gene Chandler - Make The Living Worthwhile
  9. Arnie's Love - I'm Out Of Your Life
  10. Thirteen At Midnight - Shack Up
  11. Arbeid Adelt! - Asta-Astra
  12. Arbeid Adelt! - Het Meisje Van Mijn Hart (Remix)
  13. Arbeid Adelt! - Help (Me Ik Stik)
  14. Arbeid Adelt! - Luxembourg
  15. Arbeid Adelt? - Disco Death
  16. Marcel Vanthilt - Als Ik Gust Decoster Was
  17. Jazz Neversleeps - I'll Take Care Of You
  18. Break 'n Spin - Break 'n Spin
  19. New Order - Everything’s Gone Green
  20. Pete Dunaway - Supermarket
  21. Chrome Brulée - Supernova
  22. Taxie - Rock Don't Stop