Originals by Onda Sonora Homepage

Having taken the scenic route through dance music and nightlife for the past 15 years, Onda Sonora has cultivated a style of their own made up out of the far from obvious and the wayward. They’ve been digging the crates from long before you could impress girls with that, always in search for music they haven’t heard before, not limiting their hunting grounds in any way. On this 22tracks Originals list they’ll uncover the building blocks of their heavyweight sound supreme which has slowly become a reference to all in Brussels and far beyond in search for something different.

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  1. Wareika Hill Sounds - Proverbs Dub
  2. Page One & The Observers - Ready For It
  3. Astrud Gilberto - Beginnings
  4. Bullion - Wouldn't It Be Nice
  5. Tigers In Space - Wait 4 Me
  6. Vinzerelli - Skate Dancer
  7. T.S. Monk - Candidate For Love
  8. Miriam Makeba - Xica Da Silva
  9. Tanya Winley - Vicious Rap
  10. Air - Sister Bessie
  11. New Age Steppers - Love Forever
  12. A Certain Ratio - Sounds Like Something Dirty
  13. Charlie - Spacer Woman
  14. Quantic - Not So Blue
  15. Advance - Take Me To The Top
  16. Mass Influence - All Out (UGS Instrumental)
  17. Count Ossie & The Rasta Family - Mystic Memories
  18. Los Jugaderos - What You Doing To This Girl?
  19. Moon Birds - Fly In The Night
  20. Critical Point - Messages
  21. Slow Supreme - Granada
  22. The Packers - Hole In The Wall