Techno by Deg & Tomaz Homepage

Deg is considered as one of the pioneers of the Belgian techno scene with his eclectic sets for more than 20 years. Once resident in many clubs and organisations, he's been mainly identified with the Fuse club, where he burns the floors since 1997. His experience as dj, producer and manager of record shops will guarantee you an amazing techno playlist. Tomaz shouldn't need an introduction. Starting at 15 years old he now has nearly 30 years of dj'ing behind him. Inbetween parties he worked at record stores and labels or shut himself in a studio with a couple of friends to produce some dance floor stuff themselves which resulted in club hits like "los hijos del sol" and "sunshine". For ten years he was the techno programmer for Studio Brussel's SWITCH.

More free curated music playlists from Brussels

  1. Umwelt - Subterranean Bases
  2. Ø [Phase] - Insectoid
  3. Silent Servant - Cut Inconcious
  4. Dj Boom - Kinda Kickin' (Efdemin remix)
  5. Transllusion - Do You Want To Get Down (2001)
  6. Omar S - Serving Cavi On 18 And Garfield
  7. MK - strider
  8. Huerco S - A verdigris reader track A2
  9. Daniela La Luz - The Chosen One
  10. ASOK - Millenium
  11. Snuff Crew - Sick World
  12. Albert Van Abbe - Ostinati09
  13. Shift Work - Less Merchandise
  14. Model 500 - The Passage (1992)
  15. Jungle - The Heat (Joy Orbison Remix)
  16. Ital - Coagulate
  17. Kuba Sojka - Split Personnality Of Sonny Crockett
  18. Fx Mchn - Unkool
  19. Stephen Lopkin - Let's All Talk About Me
  20. Fred P - Ram
  21. Simoncino - Bio Rhythm
  22. Anodyne - Charon