Tropical by Funky Bompa Homepage

Funky Bompa switched the warm grooves of funk, soul and jazz for hot latin and afro rhythms after his exotic trips on the search of that perfect record. Founder of the Tropical and Twist parties and radiohost on FM Brussel every sunday, Funky Bompa experiments his finds in original version or personal edits, vinyl only. He distributes his own edits, on 45 only, through his own imprint Bompa Discos.

More free curated music playlists from Brussels

  1. Francis The Great - Look Up In The Sky (The Wild Takeover)
  2. Lata Ramasar - The Greatest Name That Lives (The Wild Takeover)
  3. Selda - Saka Maka
  4. Ariel - Russian Disco (Juice & The Wild Edit)
  5. Soleya Mama & Le Waatoo Sita - Jambar
  6. Full Moon Ensemble - Samba Miaou
  7. Dollar Brand - Kalahari
  8. Les Vikings - Choc Vikings
  9. Antonio Del Vilar - Cumbia de cafe
  10. Machuca Cumbia - Staying alive
  11. Funky Bompa - Joana
  12. Funky Bompa - Xintado Na Pra├ža
  13. Campos Nato - Dia Benga (Nomads VIP Edit)
  14. Ralph Weeks - Let Me Do My Thing
  15. Os Famks - Labirinto
  16. Black Flower - Solar Eclipse
  17. The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band - Kwang Noi Chaolay
  18. Sputnik-1 - Outer Space Bossa
  19. Perdo Miguel Y Sus Maracaibos - Comentario En El Solar
  20. Pianonegro - La Danza De La Tanga (Funky Bompa Edit)
  21. Sam Mapangala & Orchestre Virguna - Malako (Umoja Edit)
  22. Francis Bebey - Sanza Tristesse