Tropical by Funky Bompa Homepage

Funky Bompa switched the warm grooves of funk, soul and jazz for hot latin and afro rhythms after his exotic trips on the search of that perfect record. Founder of the Tropical and Twist parties and radiohost on FM Brussel every sunday, Funky Bompa experiments his finds in original version or personal edits, vinyl only. He distributes his own edits, on 45 only, through his own imprint Bompa Discos.

More free curated music playlists from Brussels

  1. La Lupe - Fiebre rock
  2. Cortijo Y Kako Y Sus Tambores - Chiviriquiton
  3. Los Llamas - Siboney
  4. Manu Dibango - Dizzy me
  5. Fair-Nick Stars - Energic song
  6. Abdoulaye Cissé - Aw Ye Douba Ke
  7. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo - Ya pas moyen
  8. Sylvain Marc - Talking About Soul (Part I)
  9. Cortijo y Kako y Sus Tambores - A La Verdegue
  10. Carmelo Torres y Los Toscos - La Camisola
  11. Federico y Su Combo - Gato negro
  12. Ihsan Al Munzer - Jamileh
  13. Lord Shorty - Sweet music
  14. Brasil Show - Lagrimas
  15. Art Decoteau - Kerieka Woman
  16. Quincy Dibango - Beautiful Makossa Girl (Lodeiro Mix)
  17. Bio Ritmo - Oriza (G-Flux - Refix)
  18. Regulo Ramirez - Danza Negra
  19. Edits des Amateurs - Talking About Togetherness
  20. RD Burman - Hum Kisise Kum Naheen
  21. Ti l'Afrique - Soul Sock Sega
  22. Afrosound - Madua