Tropical by Funky Bompa Homepage

Funky Bompa switched the warm grooves of funk, soul and jazz for hot latin and afro rhythms after his exotic trips on the search of that perfect record. Founder of the Tropical and Twist parties and radiohost on FM Brussel every sunday, Funky Bompa experiments his finds in original version or personal edits, vinyl only. He distributes his own edits, on 45 only, through his own imprint Bompa Discos.

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  1. Ti l'Afrique - Soul sock sega
  2. Afrosound - Madua
  3. Fumaca Preta - La trampa
  4. Yisare Hinena - Nebiyu Hamdi
  5. Naks - Nowansani de na oemakoto
  6. Ezy & Isaac - Bad day
  7. Daphni - Vikram
  8. Super Combo de Pointe-Noire - Serrana
  9. Panama Brass - Con La Mano En La Biblia
  10. Cumbia Moderna de Soledad - Shacalao
  11. Osmar Milito - America Latina
  12. Romperayo - Que Viva La Vida y Que Muera La Muerte
  13. The Nitty Gritty Sextet - Nitty Boo Boo
  14. The Nitty Gritty Sextet - Shingaling Now, Boogaloo Later
  15. Lebron Brothers - Funky blues part 1
  16. Conjunto Papa Upa - El Jalabolismo
  17. La Mecanica Popular - Noche Triler
  18. Bosq - Laughs on me
  19. Mighty Arrow - Disco calypso
  20. Pasteur Lappe - Na Real Sekele Fo Ya
  21. Orchestre Mabatalaï - Kilassou
  22. Bonga - Nao Acode