Tropical by Funky Bompa Homepage

Funky Bompa switched the warm grooves of funk, soul and jazz for hot latin and afro rhythms after his exotic trips on the search of that perfect record. Founder of the Tropical and Twist parties and radiohost on FM Brussel every sunday, Funky Bompa experiments his finds in original version or personal edits, vinyl only. He distributes his own edits, on 45 only, through his own imprint Bompa Discos.

More free curated music playlists from Brussels

  1. Anibal Velasquez - La trullita
  2. Willie Colon - The hustler
  3. Tabou Combo - Hoola hoop disco
  4. Rafael Cortijo - Sorongo
  5. Gnossas Pedro - Dadje von o von non
  6. The Fugees - Ready or not (Mas Tropical mix)
  7. Budos Band - The sticks
  8. The Soul Surfers - Girl From Sao Paolo
  9. George Guzman - Marilu
  10. Salah Ragab - The Egyptian March
  11. Nino Malapet & Rock-a-Mambo band - Oye Jacquy
  12. Alfred Panou & Art Ensemble of Chicago - Je Suis Un Sauvage
  13. Los Kintos - Lo Que Dijo La Gitana
  14. Keyboard - Hungry Man
  15. Batida - Pobre e Rico (Radio Edit)
  16. Vaudou Game - Pas Contente
  17. The Magnificent Seven - What You Think You've Got
  18. Cyril Diaz - Voodoo
  19. Los Kintos - La Esencia del Guaguanco
  20. Lawrence Le Doux - Afruita
  21. Mulatu Astatke - A Man Of Experience And Wisdom (Zopelar Edit)
  22. Clap! Clap! - The Rainstick Fable