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Renowned producer, owner of record shop If Music and DJ with a career spanning more than thirty years, Jean-Claude has acquired an encyclopaedic knowledge of music with a typically eclectic approach along the way. With his wide range of jazz music experience he may pick a Freddie Hubbard tune alongside more recent titles. A new update by Jean-Claude almost always brings an unheard jazz tune to add to your favourites.

More free curated music playlists from London

  1. Hozan Yamamoto - Silver World
  2. Rena Rama - Pow Wow
  3. Billy Bang's Survival Ensemble - Illustration
  4. Lloyd McNeil - Time Still/ Passaro
  5. Bobby Naughton Units - Nital Rock
  6. Odyssey Group - Midnight And You
  7. Dakota Staton - I Love You more Than You will Ever Know
  8. Chico Freeman & Arthur Blythe - Footprints
  9. Rickey Kelly - Danakil Warrior
  10. The Jerry Hahn Quintet - Raghantar
  11. Amadu Bansang Jobarteh - Alla l'aa Ke
  12. Ken Mcintyre - Say What
  13. The Gingerbread Express - Missed Another Day
  14. Jan Garbarek Quartet - Beast Of Komodo
  15. Alan Lee - Sunflower
  16. Harold Mcnair - The Fence
  17. Jeremy & The Satyrs - In The World Of Glass Teardrops
  18. Don McCaslin - Praise Poems
  19. Archimedes Badkar - Fortryckets Sista Timme
  20. Dave Liebman - Satya Dhwani
  21. Sparrow - Bud Wiser
  22. Matthew Halsall - Land Of