African / Maghreb by Mo-DJ Homepage

Hailing from Bamako capital city of Mali, as a child Mo DJ created his own world of music using a double tape recorder. Cassette vendor by day and dj by night. With the help of a small drum machine, which has lent its name to his genre of music ‘Djembeni’, he created a genre that has revolutionised Western dance floors. Now based in Paris, his selections are pure african music, from Soweto to Kenya and Morocco to Lagos.

More free curated music playlists from Paris

  1. Saad lamjarred - Enty
  2. Maher Cissoko - Bamba
  3. Kristo Numpuby - Latin Assiko
  4. Chief Udoh Essiet - Saturday
  5. No Maka - Kuia
  6. Chief Udoh Essiet - Oh Yeah
  7. Femi Kuti - Sorry Sorry
  8. Fania - Ani M Bara
  9. ONB - Lemouima
  10. DJ Center - Dem Say Ah Dem Say Ah
  11. Malouma Mint Meïdah - Athay
  12. Tiken Jah Fakoly - Dernier Appel
  13. Malouma Mint Meïdah - Goueyred
  14. William Onyeabor - Fantastic Man
  15. Quantic - Duvidó
  16. Fatima Bousaha - Ya Rami Chiffour
  17. Malawi Mouse Boys - Mupulumuke (To Be Saved)
  18. Kristo Numpuby - Aladin
  19. DJ Walid - Lomo Lomo
  20. Os Pilukas - Baixó (No Maka Remix)
  21. Orlando Julius - Mura Sise
  22. Cheba Dalila - Facebook