Bass by Lucid Homepage

Back in the late 90’s, after attending his first raves in the south of France, Lucid decided to start promoting Drum & Bass events in 1999 in Avignon. The success he gained over the years lead him to Paris, where he began seriously building his reputation, not only as a promoter, but also as a DJ, playing alongside some of the biggest names in the game from Skrillex to Andy C, and Amon Tobin to Mt Oizo, displaying a huge range and diversity of electronic music. Lucid keeps pushing the boundaries in his thriving career, but never forgot his roots! You can still catch him mixing at Jungle Juice, Splash, and countless shows he performs around the world. Keep a close look on all social media for full updates, shows and up and coming events.

More free curated music playlists from Paris

  1. Bukez Finezt - Diagnosis
  2. Trampa - Get Wicked
  3. Figure - Cowabunga
  4. 50 Carrot & Soloman - CLANK
  5. AFK - Ruthless V2
  6. BCee - Back To The Street
  7. Neonlight - Extrasolar
  8. Dimension - Crowd Reaction VIP
  9. Dabs - Objection VIP
  10. Break - Duck For Cover
  11. Noisia - Oh Oh
  12. Rusty K - Last Of Us
  13. Fourward - Phase Align
  14. Optiv & BTK - Shredder
  15. SKULS - Graves
  16. RL Grime - Core
  17. Massapeals - I'm Good
  18. KUSTOM x BENTZ - On The Block
  19. Bad Catholics - Astapor
  20. LooKas - LOKO
  21. Jackal & CRNKN - Bubblegum
  22. N3gus - One Man Army (Templa remix)