Funk by Psycut Homepage

Psycut has been a DJ and record collector for 15 years, since he fell into Hip Hop culture. His passion brought him to DJ for numerous dance battles, ranging from Funk styles to B-boying. Aside of this Psycut is the co-creator, co-organizer and resident DJ of the only regular jazz dance party in Paris: Jazz Attitudes. He also works with Mike Vault the well known UK vinyl record dealer, which will help feed the 22tracks funk enthusiasts!

More free curated music playlists from Paris

  1. Last Bongo In Paris - Let It Be Me
  2. Last Bongo In Paris - Battened Ships
  3. Jayl Funk - Dirty
  4. 7 Days Of Funk - Wingz
  5. 7 Days Of Funk - Hit Da Pavement
  6. Ronnie Robbins - Contagious
  7. The Girls - I've Got My Eyes On You
  8. Steven - Quick
  9. Aurra - Taste of Love
  10. Wayne Henderson - Foot Stompin' Music
  11. The Spandettes - Automatic
  12. The Spandettes - Hunk Of Heaven
  13. Good Groove Orchestra - Back To The Groove
  14. Liars And Cheaters - Liars And Cheaters
  15. Liars And Cheaters - Crazy
  16. The Daktaris - In The Middle
  17. The Fantastic Soul - Soul Of The People (Part 1)
  18. Silver Lining - Silver Lining
  19. Unknown Artist - Party!
  20. The Eminent Stars - Write Me
  21. The Eminent Stars - Ready To Fly
  22. The New Mastersounds - Slow Down