Funk by Psycut Homepage

Djing for almost 20 years, Psycut has rightfully become one of the most respected DJ from the parisian Jazz Dance, Rare Groove, Hip Hop Soul et New Funk scene. Leading the highly recommended Jazz Attitudes Party and a sound designer activity as well, this Europe-wide requested vinyl lover managed to create his own broad but sharp musical universe. On behalf of 22tracks Paris, Psycut will share his Funk favorites.

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  1. Nicole Willis And The Soul Investigators - One In A Million
  2. Willie Beaver Hale - Groove-on
  3. Southroad Connection - Best Boogie In Town
  4. Skeewiff - Get Some
  5. Mr Day - Spooky (12inch Patchworks Remix)
  6. Michel Gonet - Leitmotiv Perpetuel
  7. Lettuce - Ziggowatt
  8. Lettuce - Slippin' Into Darkness
  9. Lettuce - Lettsanity
  10. Lettuce - Do It Like You Do
  11. Kerbside Collective - Cat Whip
  12. James Brown - I'm Satisfied
  13. James Brown - Funky Drummer (Listen To The Muro Mix)
  14. Hudson People - Trip To Your Mind
  15. Harvey Averne - Never Learned To Dance
  16. Dusty Donuts - Jungle Mango (Naughty NMX Rubup)
  17. Clive Hicks - Think Twice
  18. Christian Gaubert - Sweet Maryline
  19. Christian Gaubert - It
  20. The Gene Dudley Group - The Arm Wrestling Channel
  21. The Gene Dudley Group - Inspector Norse
  22. The Gene Dudley Group - I've Changed