Indie by Patrick Vidal

Going back to the days of punk, Patrick Vidal was lead singer with the band Marie et Les Garçons. Influenced by the New York scene, Patrick started DJing and was often called upon to play in London and Ibiza. Currently touring with the brand new version of the legendary act Garcons, and involved in new residencies, Patrick is a legend in the DJ circuit and the music industry in France. For 22tracks he will be spanning the indie music scene from rock to electronica, through to folk and electro pop.

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  1. Kraak & Smaak - Hands Of Time
  2. Dani Siciliano - I'm The Question
  3. Yumi Zouma - Haji Awali
  4. Metronomy - Old Skool
  5. Mick Harvey - Coffee Colour
  6. The Kills - Echo Home
  7. Weval - The Battles
  8. Hanni El Khatib - Paralysed
  9. Lack Of Afro - Hello Baby
  10. Peter Bjorn And John - Dominos
  11. Papooz - Ann Wants To Dance
  12. Lack Of Afro - Fires Glow
  13. Jessy Lanza - Oh No
  14. Bruce Foxton - Sunday Morning
  15. Pantha Du Prince - The Winter Hymn
  16. Car Seat Headrest - Destroyed By Hippie Powers
  17. Elysian Fields - Mess Of Mistake
  18. Gable - Tropicool
  19. Champion - Boing Boing
  20. Julien Gasc - Léger Léger
  21. Calypsodelia - So High
  22. S'Express - Pimps Pushers Prostitutes