Indie by Patrick Vidal

Going back to the days of punk, Patrick Vidal was lead singer with the band Marie et Les Garçons. Influenced by the New York scene, Patrick started DJing and was often called upon to play in London and Ibiza. Currently touring with the brand new version of the legendary act Garcons, and involved in new residencies, Patrick is a legend in the DJ circuit and the music industry in France. For 22tracks he will be spanning the indie music scene from rock to electronica, through to folk and electro pop.

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  1. Madi Diaz - Mess
  2. The Shoes - Give It Away
  3. Glory Club - Under The Mask
  4. Favored Nations - Always
  5. Count Consellor - Disco Dodo
  6. The Names - Needs
  7. Black Honey - Corrine
  8. Baston - Sword
  9. Metric - Cascades
  10. Air Waves - Tik Tok
  11. Radio Citizen - Last Delight
  12. Her Magic Wand - Draw A Line
  13. Louisahhh!!! - Change
  14. Ought - Passionate Turn
  15. Sweet Baboo - You Got Me Time Keeping
  16. Beach House - Space Song
  17. Todd Rundgren - Put Your Arms Around Me
  18. Silicon - Cellphone
  19. Panda Bear - The Preakness
  20. Sweet Baboo - Two Lucky Magpies
  21. Who Made Who - There's A Way
  22. Crayon - On & On