Jazz by China Moses Homepage

China Moses, the daughter of Jazz singer, Dee Dee Bridgewater and theatre and film director Gilbert Moses, has been working as a singer, songwriter and producer since 1997. In 2008, she founded her own production company called MadeInChina Productions that produced her latest album Crazy Blues (MadeInchina Productions / Decca/ UMG). Alongside of her passion for music and stage, she has been hosting various shows on TV and Radio (MTV, Canal +, ARTE and Jazz Radio). She currently focuses on her career as a singer while being a music expert consultant for ERDF and a fervent advocate for music in education. She is all about every kind of Jazz and that creates a very broad perspective on what type of music she will include in her selection.

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  1. Yolanda Brown - TokYo Sunset
  2. Cyrille Aimée - Off The Wall
  3. Sacha Vee - Hey Sugar
  4. Dexter Hercules & Rick Leon James - Unnamed Song
  5. Alissia & The Funketeers - Holdin' On
  6. Jihye Lee Jazz Orchestra - April Wind
  7. Kicca & Intrigo - Seven Day Fool
  8. Liane Carroll - All of Me
  9. Veronique Hermann Sambin - Bel Prowmes (Lee Morgan - The Sidewinder)
  10. Minor Sing - Tic Tac Swing
  11. Essiet Okon Essiet - Itiat
  12. S. Mos - Pleurez De Rivieres
  13. Minor Sing - Python
  14. Marvin Parks - Never Been In Love Like This Before
  15. Kamasi Washington - Miss Understanding
  16. Mono Neon x Tori Kelly - Crazy
  17. Sangoma Everett Trio - The Born Frees
  18. Joey Alexander - My Favorite Things
  19. S. Mos - A Night In Tunisia
  20. Postmodern Jukebox - I'm Not The Only One
  21. Ben Williams - Smells Like Teen Spirit
  22. Indra Rios-Moore - Little Black Train