Rock by Nicolas Ullmann Homepage

Often costumed according to a theme, Nicolas Ullmann knows how to spice up his shows with the most improbable forms of music. He surprises, enchants and sets dance floors on fire. Nicolas has a heart for unearthing the best talents of the Paris rock scene that often appear alongside him on stage. He will be doing the same for 22tracks via a specialist selection of what’s being played in Paris’ best rock joints.

More free curated music playlists from Paris

  1. Les Gry-Grys - Hot Gully Wind
  2. John Carpenter - Vortex
  3. Harry Dean Stanton - Tennessee Whiskey
  4. Handcrafted Soul - Frozen
  5. Yard Of Blondes - Born Again
  6. Cool Cool Cool - Ad Song
  7. Howlin' Jaws - Sleepwalkin'
  8. Burnin' Jacks - In / Out
  9. Cosmobrown - Bookmark Me
  10. Perfect Idiots - Flying Saucer
  11. Guillaume Fédou - La Cabane Des Filles
  12. Marylin Manson - Killing Strangers
  13. Nikki Lane - Right Time
  14. Danko Jones - Do You Wanna Rock
  15. Pink Noise Party - Control
  16. Manowar - Silent Night
  17. Lordi - Happy New Fear
  18. Christopher Lee - Jingle Hell
  19. Judith Owen - Christmas With The Devil
  20. Sticky Boys - Mary Christmas
  21. Gaspard Royant - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
  22. Pepper Island - Morning Light