Rock by Nicolas Ullmann Homepage

Often costumed according to a theme, Nicolas Ullmann knows how to spice up his shows with the most improbable forms of music. He surprises, enchants and sets dance floors on fire. Nicolas has a heart for unearthing the best talents of the Paris rock scene that often appear alongside him on stage. He will be doing the same for 22tracks via a specialist selection of what’s being played in Paris’ best rock joints.

More free curated music playlists from Paris

  1. Fancy - Shock Me
  2. Hooka Hey - Nasty
  3. Bluff And Buffalo - My Friend Jeff
  4. Pepper Island - Treat Me Like A Queen
  5. Ty Segall - The Singer
  6. Night Beats - Playing Dead
  7. Tesla - So Divine
  8. Billy Hell - Truth Is Real
  9. 77 - Big Smoker Pig
  10. Body Count - Pray For Death
  11. Johnny Winter - Where Can You Be
  12. All If - Off Duty
  13. Mac DeMarco - Chamber Of Reflection
  14. Rival Sons - Open My Eyes
  15. Brian Setzer - The Girl With The Blues In Her Eyes
  16. New Keepers Of The Water Towers - Cosmosis
  17. Bravery In Battle - We May Be Small But Our Souls Are Infinite
  18. Blue Pills - High Class Woman
  19. Haley Bonar - Eat For Free
  20. Wildest Dream - Last Ride
  21. The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Nightbird
  22. Gaspard Royant - Europe