Soul / R&B by JP Mano

Legendary record dealer and DJ, JP Mano’s career started in the 70s in the famous clubs of Paris. One of the heavy weights in the ‘black music’ scene, he embraced the arrival of acid jazz in the 90s. Artistic director and resident DJ at Les Coulisses, radio show host and music consultant for cinema, JP is a true music lover. For 22tracks he will be taking the pleasure to represent the sound of soul in Paris.

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  1. Positive Flow - Do What I Do
  2. Pugs Atomz - Girl
  3. Lili Poe - Une Larme
  4. Cynthia Abraham - My Light
  5. Kami Awori - Window To Her Soul
  6. Sean C.Johnson - Silver and Gold
  7. Sean C.Johnson - No Never
  8. Sara Pi - Neguinho
  9. Silentjay - Just Waking Up
  10. Aqeelion - Love Takeover
  11. James Tillman - Loved
  12. Al Castellana - Unconditional Love
  13. Because Of Lily - Old Timer Blue
  14. Silentjay - Rockabye
  15. Sly Johnson - The Love Of My Life Iz Gone
  16. James Tillman - And Then
  17. Nothoya - New Light
  18. Still Weavens - Butterfly
  19. Erik Rico - Metronome
  20. Tagi and Steven Beatberg - Oops
  21. ROBB - Goldmind
  22. Monk-e x Gyver HYPMAN - Revenir Home