Tropical by Hugo Mendez Homepage

Known for the legendary Sofrito warehouse parties and label as well as ground-breaking compilations for labels like Strut, Soundway, Jazzman and Nascente, London-born but Paris-based DJ Hugo Mendez draws together strands of music from across the world, filtering international sounds old and new through a dancefloor spectrum.

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  1. Quantic - Duvido
  2. Mestre Cupijó E Seu Ritmo - Ventinho de Norte
  3. Pinduca - Sinha Pureza
  4. Ibo Combo - Ti Garçon
  5. Les Loups Noirs - Pile ou face
  6. Super Jazz des Jeunes - Coté Moune Yo
  7. Trio Select - Ensemble Select en Action
  8. Les Fantaisistes de Carrefour - Panno Caye Nan Bois Chêne
  9. Orchestre Esperanza - On Madamne Decourager
  10. Lord Invader - Me one alone
  11. The Termites - I made a mistake
  12. The Gaylads - I am Free
  13. Janet Osei - Wa ye de mi
  14. Dionisio Maio - Corpim Sabe (Alma Negra Edit)
  15. Guadafrica Combo - Moin ce roi roi
  16. Os Kings - Minino Na Tchora
  17. Les Vickings de Martinique - Roulé Tambou là
  18. Oscar Neves - Mabele
  19. La Mecànica Popular - Muy Distinto
  20. Belles Combo - Chateau Moin
  21. DrumTalk - Face Like Thunder
  22. Kyeremateng Stars - Maye Obi Den