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The London duo brings us ’muted euphoria’ through recent and older favorites

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6 months ago

Simian Mobile Disco are an iconic London electronic duo, known for their tendency to push boundaries. Their new album Welcome To Sideways represents the fruit of several months work at the beginning of 2016. Both James and Jas wanted a return to making music for clubs, for them to play out. “We realise that from an outsider point of view, it can seem like we change quite radically with every album we do” said James “but from our point of view it always feels like a smooth transition.”

For 22tracks the two have curated a playlist that ranges from trippy ambient to thumping techno and anything in between: “These tracks come from a variety of places, a fair bit of recent stuff in there but also some older things that felt like they could belong with the others. I think there’s a certain ambiguity to the mood of all of these tracks, kind of a muted euphoria or some sort of pending dread that somehow seems like it’s a good thing."

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The official video for Remember In Reverse

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