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Disco Music Created During the Cold War

Sixsixsixties Selects Soviet Disco

7 months ago

Stijn has long been exposing Brussels’ sweaty underbelly with the Holger parties. Together with his buddy Captain Starlight, Holger began life on the dancefloor, before recently becoming a record label. Stijn remains a musical omnivore: he’ll serve you top shelf novelties, analogue jams, reissues, anything that tickles his fancy. 

He sent us his favorite disco-tinged tracks made and produced behind the iron curtain during the Cold War era: “The artists who are represented originate from all corners of the Soviet Union, from Estonia to Russia to Hungary, some Yugoslavian tracks are added for extra communist flavor. Most of these musicians worked within the strong confinements imposed by their regime, but somehow managed to transcend the often more traditional and generic output of their peers with an innovative use of electronic instruments, as exemplified by the proto house found on a series of state issued aerobic soundtracks, also included in the list.”

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