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An ode to the TB303 machine: this is 30 years of acid house & techno

Tomaz Selects Acid

5 months ago

How to introduce the techno veteran and former 22tracks Brussels curator that is Thomas Janssens aka Tomaz?

As he puts it himself, "It's not about me, it's about the music". Tomaz lives and breathes music since a very early age, having been raised in the musical surroundings of his father’s record collection. Tomaz played his first rock and new wave parties at age 15 and it's only in the mid 80’s he discovered the first house tunes at the local shops. It wasn’t long before he took these fresh sounds to parties and local radio shows to learn the public about the new dance craze. From that point on, Tomaz touched to all side of the industry, DJ'ing, producing among the likes of Filterheadz, Kobbe, Sam Ostyn, David Pereira and Stanny Franssen and hosting the techno show Switch at radio Studio Brussel for ten years.

Since he has a great love for the little silver box called TB303, as first input in the revamped 22tracks he decided to compile some of his favourite acid tracks ranging from Levon Vincent and Joey Beltram to Hardfloor and Plastikman. Let's rave!

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